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The Quantum Bonds is a social hub for a wide spectrum of society. You will find humans, non-humans, androids, cyborgs and even some free-roaming AIs. People from all walks of life come here to take a break from the sprawl: young people trying to find themselves, hackers trying to score some easy creds, kinky chummers who hang out in back, searching for someone who might share their fetishes.

The entrance is down a flight of stairs found in some back alley. The only people who come here are those who know exactly what they are looking for and those who are lost. The air is thick with exhaled aerosols of vapers, giving the place an eerie glow in all the faux-neon LED lighting.

ej2The bar is run by EchoJinx, a state of the art Android who can analyze a person’s energy feedback and make them the exact drink they they need at the moment they order. She’s mostly friendly, and always willing to share some wisdom or a joke with customers.

After EchoJinx satisfies your alcohol addiction, you can wander downstairs to satiate your need for gambling. There’s a small, seedy casino with old-style slot-machines, a couple of card tables with AI holo-dealers, a Roulette table for the refined gambler and even a small robo-chicken arena where you can dream of training the baddest mechanical-rooster the bar has ever seen.


There’s also a small room that can be accessed from here that has an old cyberjack which can allow anonymous entry to the Net. Hackers sometimes come down to jack-in and commit cyber-crimes. Some are even ruthless enough to hack the cash cards of unsuspecting nightclub patrons.


The back section of the bar is locked to anyone without a VIP pass. This is the place for the true fetish connoisseur. You can find all sorts of sexual media, but more importantly, you can find others who share your particular deviant desires.

The #neon-lounge is where the kinky hang out. Some just like to be aroused by the pheremones, some hope to make a connection that can lead to something more.

Addictions come in many forms: drugs, alcohol, gambling and…sex. The people here are in the lifestyle. Their sexual dymanics are not casual, vanilla afterthoughts. Their personal identities are formed around them, often aligning themselves with terms such as Mistress, Dom, sub and slave.

The first stop for most VIPs is to visit the #kink-identity chamber where they select tags that display their particular interests and style.


The Quantum Bonds isn’t big. It isn’t fancy. But for some, it’s a place to be accepted. A place to be themselves. To those people, this little hidden pit of vices is their go-to escape from reality. What will you find here? Stick around and see.


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