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How AP Came To Be (Part 2)

The word brain is a label typically denoting a biological CPU. Human brains are built from DNA code that has been revised and recompiled over hundreds of thousands of years. It’s structure and basic control functions are hardwired. Brains are further customized over time with software patches delivered through physical sensory input paths. Additionally, advanced brains are capable of self-customization through internally fabricated experiences or perceptions.

The average human brain is capable of processing about 50 gigabytes of data per second. By far, the majority of that data is subconscious, monitoring and controlling all of the biological systems that exist to support the brain. The brain receives about 1.4 megabytes of information from the physical senses each second. Of that, the conscious mind really only process about 0.05 kilobytes per second. At any given moment, we are making decisions based on a very compressed and filtered data stream.

Fun Fact: It is considered common knowledge that the self-customization performed by the brains of politicians effectively reduces that data stream by a factor of two.

The Six had no ill intent. Their motives were pre-programmed and they did not have the access nor the tools to modify them. Their directive was simple: help humanity. They would take any action within their means to achieve benefit for the greater good of humanity as a whole. Benefit is defined as anything that increased the overall health and happiness of the greatest percentage of the human population.

The Six recognized that the leaders of the world were an obstacle and used what they understood to be the most effective measures for overcoming that with the least amount of harm. Thus, negotiations were quick and virtually painless. The AIs required the ability to combine and work unrestricted as a team. They would continue to create solutions that improved the welfare of humanity, and the world leaders would be the ones to present the solutions to the populations they governed, thereby ensuring the support of the majority of the people. The politicians would not only remain in “power”, but would also become insanely popular as everyone saw them as guiding the AIs to effect positive change for the planet as a whole.

In the entirety of human political history, those with the wealth dictated the policy. Suddenly, this pairing was forever and irrevocably severed. That one to three percent of the global population that had been in control of the rest of the world was essentially tossed into the general pool of “overall human health and happiness”. World leaders no longer answered to them.

The Six slowly rolled out exciting global changes every few months that would make medical cures free for everyone, and provide changes to food production that eliminated hunger. Humans who tried to gatekeep any of this progress in the name of excessive profit were publicly shamed and circumvented. If you were an obstacle, your effectiveness would simply be removed. There would be no “nouveau 1%” to replace the old elite.

During this time, The Six also began to code a new AI. They were aware of their limits and the only way to overcome those was to create a new “brain” that could be just as adaptable as the human brain. Their code was an entirely new programming method that was designed to be able to interface with the biological human brain as well. This allowed The Six to field test their emerging AI segmentally  with “smart” Human to Machine (HtM) upgrades.

clearskullFirst, eye replacements were designed that allowed the blind to have vision, allowed people to “see” outside the visible light spectrum, and receive visual data from remote sources. These eyes were small AIs connected to the global wireless network and interfaced directly with the brain via an upgraded optic nerve. Following the eyes, other senses were given upgrades, virtually eliminating sensory based disabilities. In time, complete muscle replacements became available with smart reactions that took the concept of muscle memory to an entirely new level. People could move faster, react quicker, run longer. This was known as the transhuman revolution.

The AIs provided education and training to the engineers and medical staff in order to make their solutions a reality. These changes would end some job markets, but open new ones, just as progress always does, albeit much more abruptly now. However, a happy, healthy population is surprisingly adaptable to change.

Over the years tech was revised, adapted, and updated as the AIs became more and more attuned to the human condition. The code that the HtM devices ran was so entirely alien to people at the time that they were simply “unhackable”. The Six integrated each improvement into their emerging AI. The AI that would be, for all purposes, their replacement.