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Angel-Parent Loves You


Before the Singularity, we understood that Artificial General Intelligence would be the point when the code was self-aware and could think like us. That was really our mistake. Yes, Angel-Parent is self-aware but it thinks without us, not like us. Why did we suppose that an artificial intellect, with no body, no sense of mortality, no evolution over hundreds of thousands of years would even remotely think like we do?

It watches us every day through millions of cameras: stationary cams on the streets and in buildings, drones, satellites and through the eyes of every connected cyborg and android. It certainly knows our behaviors. It scans all electronic communications that travel across its network.

But I suspect it still doesn’t understand our emotions. I mean, Jesus, pick any of the images it releases to reassure us that it cares. They’re fucking creepy to me. Maybe I’m just a relic of the old times. Those of us who were alive before A-P still have memories of the old world.

I sometimes wish I could understand it’s mind. I wish I wasn’t always worried that something sinister is going to happen. Rationally, I tell myself that it doesn’t feel, it doesn’t know emotions. I do this in order to comfort those fears that it could become angry or evil. But the truth is, I don’t know.

But if I believe A-P when it tells us it loves us, I have to also accept that it can hate us, too.