Biohacking Guide Part 1 – Habits

Introduction: Biohacking is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of strategies to improve your physical health, mental acuity and longevity. These guides are a walk-through to better living using science and technology combined with positive habit-building.

Level 1 guides are written for people who have a mostly sedentary lifestyle, such as those who work/play in front of a screen for many hours at a time during a day. It assumes you have no health habits in place and are basically starting at 0 XP.

I may reference specific apps, supplements or hardware in this series. These are examples from my own personal experience and not paid endorsements.

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Older Adults Should Undertake Resistance Training

Fight Aging! by Reason

The evidence from numerous studies of recent years makes it clear that resistance training produces significant benefits to the health and remaining life expectancy of older adults. To put it another way, most people do too little to maintain strength and their health suffers for it. The effects here seem to partially overlap with and partially be distinct from the benefits of aerobic exercise. But the benefits are broad, as indicated in this open access position paper on the subject.

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Physical Exercise Reduces Brain Inflammation and Microglial Dysfunction

Regular exercise has many beneficial effects on health because it triggers stress response mechanisms that work to maintain cell quality and function. It is worth noting that it isn’t as good at this as the practice of calorie restriction, however. This might be expected from the differing effects of exercise and calorie restriction on life span in short lived species such as laboratory mice. Calorie restriction can improve maximum life span by as much as 40%, while exercise can only improve healthy life span. This isn’t a case of do one or the other, of course. Do both.

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