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Personal identity is something that we as humans value, often above all else. Some believe this is the reason we could not accept a utopia where everyone has equality. Angel-Parent’s “levels” were not enough, though. No, we have self-created “factions”.


Hedonists/Fetishists/Deviants: Since STDs no longer exist in any meaningful context (all viruses have been immunized against, and on the off chance you somehow get an infection, it can be treated and cured without concern), a certain section of the population have submerged themselves fully into the lifestyle of sexual thrill seeking. These people define their existence by the carnal pleasures they can experience.

It’s all about kink for them. Not to be confused with the casual tourist who likes to get spanked every now and then. These are people who’s libidos are on maximum 24/7. Some speculate they are addicted to their own endorphin levels. A-P is neutral to them for the most part. Those into the more extreme degrees of sadism and masochism tend to be more secretive, along with the ones who enjoy that spectrum of sexual perversions that even typical members of this faction might not want to be around.

For the most part, these types are found hanging out in the VIP sections of nightclubs, private bars, and special “play spaces”. You’d never even know about them unless you went looking.

They don’t care about any other faction. The Devout don’t even report these types for fear that even being aware of them might harm their level score.

Hackers: People who exploit the various systems controlled by A-P. They are constantly adapting their methods because A-P quickly patches any security flaws the moment it becomes aware of them. This group contains a range of different “types”. Whitemages manipulate computer systems to help others they perceive to be in harm’s way. They usually combat Fallen and others with ill intent and rarely ask for anything in return. They never take actions that are intended to harm A-P. Despite exploiting its systems, they know without A-P, they have no real power.  Redmages are the most common type of hacker. They are mercenaries. Some only take jobs to help others, but some will take jobs to do nefarious things on behalf of their clients. Blackmages often work with the Fallen to provide them support. They delight in causing chaos and disruption.

Hackers are highly intelligent and often have illegal bio-enhancements developed and implemented by certain Sciencers in a black-market style services barter.

Fallen: This is the generic term people use for Outcasts who have banded together into violent gangs. Not all Outcasts choose to become Fallen, but many do as the best option for survival. There are different sub-factions within this group, going by various gang names.

A-P actively combats the Fallen and will use any of it’s controlled machines and robots to kill them immediately upon identification. It will openly execute these kind as long as there is no chance of harming an innocent in the process.

And by any machine, I mean that literally. Early on, a group of Fallen once made the mistake of getting on an elevator, likely on their way to commit a contracted murder or crime of some sort. A-P took them up fifty stories and then sent the elevator hurling back down, crushing it in the bottom of the shaft. While it was doing this, A-P deployed android forces to keep the impending accident site safe for regular citizens, then immediately began repairing the damage and clearing the corpses.

Fallen have to constantly be on their guard, because any type of connected device is their enemy. They sometimes work with Hackers and Sciencers to create lo-tech camouflage devices that obscure their identities. But as soon as A-P overcomes a countermeasure once, all of the same devices become useless.

A-P considers this group to be dangerous because Fallen are seeking a way to damage and destroy it.



Of all the different types of robots Angel-Parent designed, the ones that are the least understood by anyone are the ghosts. That’s not their “official” name. A-P never refers to them or even gives any guidance as to how we’re supposed to interact with them. We just see them from time to time, but they don’t appear to have a purpose.


The best I can tell, they’re just light: often appearing as holographic projections of old style robots. They walk down the street. Some hang out in clubs and food dispensaries. Sometimes they look at me, wave at me and occasionally might even say, “Hi!” in a very childlike voice.

I’ve never tried to touch one, but I’ve seen them just walk through doors or other obstacles as if they are irrelevant. I’ve never seen them act in an aggressive manner but I’ve heard the stories.

As a nightclub owner, I see all levels of people. Yes, even outcasts on occasion. The rumor is that the ghosts can recognize you just like an A-P connected camera can. And this one ghost must have recognized an outcast by chance. He didn’t even notice. It followed him back to a safe-house and just walked right through the wall, surprising everyone in the hideout.

ghostThat’s when it changed. It turned into something that was described to me as a “demon”, whatever the fuck that looks like. Everyone in the room started to scream and roll around in pain. The guy telling me the story was lucky enough to have some high-strung wired reflexes and made a dash for the back to escape. But he said that for that second or so when he was in the presence of the demon, it felt like all his organs were on fire.

I don’t know if any of that is bullshit. You never hear about what happens to outcasts that disappear. I do know they disappear though. That’s enough for me to put some stock in the story.

I’m not an outcast, but I do my best to avoid those things anyway.