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Community Advancement Centers

Early on, Angel-Parent built small classroom style buildings all over the cities. These are called CACs, or Community Advancement Centers. Inside are church-like pews with digital reading tablets placed in shelving on the backs of the seating. Originally people were instructed to come to these and receive education about the services and benefits available to them. They would be presented with maps showing the location of medical and food dispersal facilities along with entertainment venues.

They would also hear the social edicts in a soothing female voice being broadcast in surround-sound so that anyone seated in a pew would feel like the voice was within them or all around them. Covering the walls are large screens displaying the various images A-P would create to reassure people that it loves them, protects them and heals them.


All of these things still occur, but most CACs have become places for the Devout to congregate and worship A-P. They sing songs of praise and offer up prayers with the hopes that their actions will bring them favor, leading to an increased level score.

These are social hubs where the Devout plan events, share “intel” with each other (commonly known as gossip to the heathens), and celebrate various positive changes in each other’s lives. Members of each of these communities provide a support system for each other, ensuring none “stray” from their faith.

Non-devouts typically stay away from the CACs now since all of the information presented there is widely available through countless additional methods, and there’s no reason to go to one just to learn anything. If you are an outsider, the members look at you suspiciously and will almost certainly plot to keep tabs on you after getting their attention. Also, nobody is truly sure if A-P does in fact offer them some special protection and might reduce the level score of anyone who has a confrontation with them.