What do you think about transferring our consciousness to machines?

Photo by Rodrigo Galindo from FreeImages

Human consciousness isn’t something that will be “transferred” into a binary host anytime soon. Even if we have a complete digital snapshot of the brain, down to the smallest measurable detail of every atom, that image would still need to be emulated in some computer system. That emulation would require us to have a complete understanding of not only consciousness in general (including the subconscious), but the specific variants of each individual source brain. Even with the correct emulation environment, we still only have a copy that is divergent from the original a fraction of a second after the scan.

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The idea of transporting our consciousnesses into a cloud or something similar is scary to me. Is it scary to you? If so why? If not, why?

Question posted in r/singularity by u/_Successful_Failure

I don’t see “consciousness” as something that can be transported. Can the entire neurological state of the brain be digitized and run in a brain simulation? Eventually, I believe yes. It would be a duplicate consciousness however. It would not be “moving” the consciousness from the original brain to a new home.

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