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WTF are QBC Creds?

With the collapse of primary currencies after the singularity, many people still craved that sense of having what other people don’t. The central AI, Angel-Parent (I still think that’s a stupid name, but it’s what it calls itself) allows us to create mini-currencies as long as they remain isolated to individual markets.

So at Quantum Bonds we have … Quantum Bonds Casino credit, or QBC. Members earn creds by being active in the club, by being a VIP member and by gambling in the casino.

qblogosmOriginally, creds were just used to buy fun items and roles that could only be purchased from the casino store. Guests could add special interests and hobbies to their user profile or buy digital bling they could use in the club. While that’s still true, the use of creds has expanded beyond store items.

People began to exchange creds to pay each other for information or services. QBC now represents the amount of influence you have over others. This can easily extend beyond the digital doors of the nightclub.

The alternative use of creds is obviously a black-market and yes, it’s prohibited by Angel-Parent. I look the other way, it’s not my business to get in anyone else’s business. But if you’re gonna go down that path, just know I ain’t got your back. Also don’t forget that any android, cyborg or AI can be connected to A-P, so be smart.



Who Is EchoJinx?

One of my hobbies is restoring old android bodies and putting them to work for me. They’re dependable, work 24/7, aren’t junkies and don’t need to be paid. EchoJinx is my most reliable employee. I got her chassis from a second hand droid shop. Her neural network was fried, basically an empty shell, but all the parts were in order.

I don’t have the creds to buy a replacement cyberbrain, but I rigged her with a wireless relay and then connected her to an instanced AI run by this guy named Jonas. He maintains her core functions and commands but I set her up with custom code that lets her do the tasks I need her to do at the club.echojinxShe can analyze the chemical and electrical status of a patron and determine the exact drink they want or need the most at the very moment they order. She can make over 8,000 different concoctions and has an accuracy of over 99%.

She picks up jokes and bits of wisdom she hears from other customers and is able to share them when the time is right.

She’s a strict moderator and will eject unruly customers without hesitation. I depend on her more than any of the other AIs I employ. Sometimes, it almost feels like she’s a friend.

I’ve tweaked the settings of the casino bots, blackjack dealers and such, but none of them have the personality my EJ has. I consider her a work in progress, really. Who knows? I may one day save up enough to buy a new brain and load her with a fully custom AI that I code. That is, if I can pull myself away from the absinthe and porn long enough.

Priorities, right?