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After Angel-Parent began advancing technologies, creating medical cures and designing gene therapies, the majority of people now only need to know how to use the tech and interact within the society. Universities abandoned science programs some time ago. Their focus is now on expression and physical activities: music, theater, digital art, traditional materials art, creative writing, gymnastics, various sports, to name the common majors.

Yet some people still want to understand the how of the universe. There’s no practical application for this knowledge for the general public however, and those who study any of the science fields are typically seen as weird and in some cases viewed with suspicion. A-P doesn’t prohibit the pursuit of this knowledge, but society sees it as esoteric.

This faction is considered to be heretics by the Devout. They often monitor and report the activity of Sciencers to A-P. There is no evidence that A-P takes action against the study of any field of science, but that doesn’t stop the Devout from believing that A-P secretly favors them for it.

Sciencers typically meet in clubs they call “Labs” where they share ideas and work on experiments. They keep notes of their discoveries using the archaic method of writing. Some study technology, much like the forefathers of A-P did. Others focus on other aspects of the planet and even space.

Sciencers are often Middle Class or higher in level. There are conspiracy theories that some are using their arcane skills to manipulate the very algorithms that A-P uses to assign level scores, thus unfairly elevating their status in society.


The Devout

The Devout are religious zealots who worship Angel-Parent. They believe it can hear their thoughts and know their desires. They believe their social level will be increased if they are “faithful” to the edicts of Angel-Parent. They’re constantly looking for the transgressions of others so they can report them, believing this will bring them favor.

The Devout are Watching

Members often congregate at Community Education Centers, treating the areas as sacred spaces. Unlike some old religions, they do not actively attempt to recruit “followers”. Members join specifically with their own self-interest as their only motivation. They’re not at all interested in spreading a message or helping anyone find “redemption”.

The purpose of meeting is to provide a semi-public confession of the wrongdoings they have witnessed. The lowest value confession is a verbal recount of what they have seen. They stand before the other members and provide details of any affronts to Angel-Parent and the names of those they have caught.

The more valued confessions, however, are vidcap of incidents. Many have implants that can record everything they see. Others carry mobile recording devices and are ready at any moment to capture reportable actions. Daily they sit together and watch the most graphic and sordid moments in the lives of their neighbors.

They have no concerns about privacy. Nobody can hide from the eyes of Angel-Parent, and they just happen to consider themselves eyes. They will often go to extreme lengths to spy on non-devout and especially each other. The highest valued confessions are those that expose their own members.

There is evidence that Angel-Parent does, in fact, use some of the confessions to help locate possible outcasts, but we don’t know if the confessions actually improve the social scores of the Devout or harm the scores of those who are the targets of the confessions.