Economy & Casino Guide

Why do we have House creds? It allows people to purchase items from the Casino Shop. Most of these items award special Hobby roles.

Basic Commands

$bal Check your balance
$top See the list of richest Residents
$give @User ### Transfer credits from your cash to another Resident
$work (in the Employment Office) Make some credits.

You have CASH credits and BANKED credits. Credits in your bank cannot be gambled nor can they be used to buy items from the store or given to other Residents.

$deposit ### Will move a number of your credits into your bank account.
$withdraw ### Will move credits from your bank to cash.

The Games

The casino has the following games: Roulette, Russian Roulette, Slots, Blackjack, and Robot Chicken fights. Each game is set up to run in its own room. The commands for playing the games are pinned in each room.

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