Customs of the House

Every community has its own culture. This guide will detail the particular customs and general workings of the House.

Announced Residents

If the Butler announces someone in a channel you are chatting in and you see it, the customary code of polite behavior is to give them a greeting. We are not strangers to one another. Be inclusive.

Chat Level 10

Upon becoming a Resident, you start to earn experience points when chatting (once every 15 seconds max) except in the following channels:

The excluded channels are not primarily social chat channels. We have a special media section known as the Locked Box. This is where Residents can post pictures they don’t feel comfortable sharing with every new Resident that comes into the House. Only those who have chatted enough to reach Level 10 will earn the Trusted status and be able to access the Locked Box.

Residents who leave the server, will have their chat level and experience reset to zero. Trusted status is a privilege and may be denied or revoked by House Staff.

To view your current level, go to the #housekeeping channel and type !rank.

Making Suggestions

The House Staff is very responsive to the ideas of Residents and strives to continually improve the amenities and excite the tenants. Using the -suggest command followed by an idea or request will create a suggestion card and file it in the #suggestions box.

The card will identify the Resident who made the suggestion and provide up and down vote reactions. Other residents can then vote for or against the suggestion. Popular suggestions will be added to the House Trello board as a to do. Once a suggestion is completed, a Staff member will add a ✅ reaction to it.

Any Resident who makes a suggestion that gets implemented will receive the Idea-ist tag to recognize their contribution to the House.

Sweeping Away Clutter

When people post images to the #selfies, #our-lives and #private-selfies channels, it is common for other Residents to give them respect and comment on what was shared. All of this can create a lot of clutter between images and cause a lot of scrolling to see older images.

In order to reduce the clutter, the Butler will come in and sweep out any posts that did not have a file attachment and are 24 hours old. This will help keep these rooms tidy but not discourage Residents from socializing there.

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