Interacting with the Butler

The Butler is the primary bot for the House Taboo. The Butler is the one who checks to make sure visitors agree to the rules and state their age before being allowed in as a Guest. He also watches over the house and removes unruly members. In addition to his numerous administrative roles, he also performs many actions at the discretion of Residents.

Many of the commands for the butler can be written in plain English. The requirement to trigger the command is described in this style:

butler + (word 1|word 2|word 2|word 4). In this example, Any sentence that contains word Butler and any one or more of the other listed words will trigger the command. Capitalization and punctuation are not relevant.

Have the Butler announce you

This is a specific trigger command. Type -announce in any room and the Butler will tell everyone you have returned. The custom of the house is if you see someone get announced, it is polite that you greet them.

Ask for a drink

butler + drink
Butler, I’m thirsty, would you bring me a drink?
I need a drink, Butler.

Ask for a cup of tea

butler + tea
Butler, I need a cup of tea.
Bring me tea, Butler.

Ask for a cup of coffee

butler + coffee
Butler, I would like some coffee.
Coffee. Now, Butler.

Ask for a hug

butler + hug
Butler, I need a hug.

Thank the Butler

butler + (thank|thanks|ty|thank-you|appreciate|awesome)
Butler, I appreciate that!
Thanks, butler!

Say good morning to the Butler

butler + (morn|mornin|morning)
Morning, Butler.
Good morn Butler.

Ask the Butler to tell you a joke

butler + joke
Ok Butler, share a joke with us.
Tell me a joke, Butler.

Request a question from the Butler

butler + question
Butler, ask us a naughty question!
We would like a question, Butler.

Ask the butler to share some wisdom

butler + wisdom
Butler, please share some of your sage wisdom.
We would like to hear a bit of your wisdom dear Butler.

Have the butler share the Magic 8-Ball

-8ball Followed by any yes or no question
In the library, there is a Divination room. If you go there, you may use this command. He will shake the ball and show you your answer.

Have the butler order a round of drinks

butler + any 3 of: (round|make|everyone|everybody|all|room|drinks)
The butler will bring out a tray of drinks and offer a toast to the room.

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