Using Discord

If you are new to complex online community server apps, Discord can be very daunting, especially if you are coming here after being used to much smaller group IM apps like Kik. This quick guide is intended to just give you the basics to help you feel a little less overwhelmed.

A Discord server is basically a collection of text and voice rooms, these are also called “channels”. The rooms can be organized together in categories.

This is the channel view. The name of the channel is in the top bar. A Discord server is a collection of text and voice channels, usually grouped into categories.

This is where you will read and send messages. Anything you type will be sent only to the specific channel you are viewing. As a Resident you can add add media by tapping the + sign at the bottom left. You can send an emoji by tapping the smiley face at the bottom right.

You can also add an emoji to anyone’s comment by long pressing on it and select Add reaction. You can use any emoji. You can also tap on any comment reaction and +1 it.

When you click the three lines in the upper left of the channel view, the navigation panel will open. On the far left are the icons for the servers you are on. The currently selected server will have an indicator bar to the left of its icon.

Categories can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on them. Channel you have permission to view will show up in the list. You can scroll up and down through the list of channels.

If there are new messages in a channel that is offscreen, a NEW UNREAD message will point up or down to let you know where to scroll.

Channels with unread messages will be bold and have an indicator to the left of them.

Clicking on a channel will switch your channel view to it. You can also LONG press on any category or channel to mute notifications (for example if you don’t care that there are new messages in the casino).

If you tap the two-people icon in the upper right of the channel view, it opens the list of users who can view your currently selected channel.

You can also see the channel Topic (we use it as a description of the channel purpose).

Tapping on any of the users in this list will bring up their server profile.

The roles that you select in the #roles channel will be displayed here. It’s useful to check the selected profiles of people you are chatting with so you already have a general idea about their Gender, orientation, power dynamic, age, and interests.

There is sometimes a bug where all of the user’s selected roles might not display on mobile. A workaround is to leave the app open, lock the screen and unlock the screen and it forces the list to refresh.

You can scroll down to see their Discord profile, including a list of shared servers. From their Discord profile, you can also add them as a Friend, so that you can chat with them anytime, even if you don’t share a server.

Sometimes admins will pin important messages from the past to a channel.

Click the 3 dots on the upper left of the channel screen and select Pinned messages to read those.

How To Format Text

A single asterisk is used on either side of text you want to be italicized. This is italic.

A double asterisk on either side of text will BOLD it.

Two underscores on either side will underline text.

Two tildes (~) on either side is strikethrough text

These formatting commands can also be combined. For example, three asterisks will be bold and italic.

Choosing Your Identity Roles

This server have a very detailed list of self-assignable roles. You go to the #roles channel and scroll to the top.

Each menu has a list of options identified by letter.

At the bottom of each list are the same letters in a horizontal list.The list on the bottom is composed of “reactions”. A reaction is an emoji that can be applied to a post. Other people can also click on the emoji, to add to it. Sort of like with Facebook and “likes”.

You will click on the corresponding reaction from the list to have that role assigned to you. You can click on it again to remove the role. For example, if you decide you no longer like anal, you can take that role off.

Some groups only allow one role from the menu, others allow any number of roles from the menu.

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