Room Guide

💙 = Social Chat ONLY. You may not RP in this room.
💚 = Role Play Chat ONLY. Do not use this room for socializing.
💛 = Mixed Social and Role Play chat allowed here.
🧡 = Mixed Social and Lite Role Play.
🖤 = Not a general social or Role Play chat room. It will be assigned a specific purpose. Such as training, Q&A, etc.
⏲️ = Time curated content. These rooms will have all non-media attachment posts cleaned out after 24 hours. This is for rooms where Residents share selfies, and other personal pics that are often discussed. After 24 hours, the media is considered Archived.
📁 = Primarily for sharing files and media
📘 = Resident writings and poetry
🤖 = Bot command room

Any room not adorned with an icon is considered to be a non-chat room and it has a different primary use, such as bot commands, casino gaming, and so forth.



This is the point of entry for Guests who come to the server. It has the server rules, the checkbox you tapped to signify you accept the rules and some miscellaneous other useful info to get you started, including a link to this House Companion.


The second room new Guests see. This forces everyone to at least select their age range before they can have access to the rest of the Entrance and the Guest Wing.


This is where Guests and Residents go to select roles that describe things as their power dynamics, kinks, gender, sexual orientation, what they are looking for, DM Status, and regional location. These roles are visible to others in the House and serves as a quick overview of who you are.


Links and information about cool official House Taboo merch. A portion of your purchases go to financially support the community.


Information about becoming a Patreon Subscriber. A monthly pledge of $1, $5 or $10 gets you special VIP recognition on the server plus daily bonus Casino credits to use for gambling, trading to other Residents and buying items from the Casino Shop.


Links to pages here in the House Guides category.

Guest Wing

#parlor 🧡

This is the only room in the House where Guests can chat. It is important to be friendly and welcoming here. While this is a mixed Social and RP chat room, no sexual RP is permitted. Regular RP should be Lite to so as to allow non-RP guests an opportunity to socialize as well.


This is the standard “bot commands” room. It is used for bumping the server and querying other bots for info about things such as your chat level, your server stats, etc. It keeps this type of non-conversational text out of the actual chat rooms.


This is an informational only channel that reports when people join and leave the server. It also notes any Staff actions taken such as bans, kicks and mutes.


When you have a suggestion for the House, you can type -suggest followed by a brief description of what it is you would like to see. The butler will post your suggestion here along with an upvote and downvote arrow. Members can vote on suggestions. Popular suggestions will be put on the Staff To-Do list. If you suggest something that gets implemented, you will receive a special role called Idea-Ist.


Important notices of changes, new features, etc will be posted here by Staff. The house is constantly evolving with new roles, new rooms, new features, new Shop Items, and so on.

parlor (voice channel)

This is a Voice party-line, with no current limit on the number of participants. People without microphones can join and listen.

Resident Wing

#hot-tub 💙

This is the primary social only general chat.

#slow-chat 💛

This room only allows people to speak once every 15 seconds. A slow-paced chat room, for relaxed, thoughtful conversations.

#kitchen 💛

Can be used for 1950s household kink RP, or sharing pics of food and favorite recipes.

#bathroom 💚

This RP only room is for public erotic RP. If someone is having a scene with someone else, DO NOT interrupt them. Watch. If they want you to join, they will let you know. The theme is, of course bathroom play. It could be anything from shower sex to golden showers (or other toilet kinks). If it’s not your thing, don’t comment.

#bedroom 💚

This RP only room is for public erotic RP. If someone is having a scene with someone else, DO NOT interrupt them. Watch. If they want you to join, they will let you know.


A general role play only room with no specific theme. Sexual and non-sexual RP can occur here.

#qna 🖤

This is the place to ask any questions about kink, fetishes, the lifestyle, power dynamics, etc. It’s NOT for RP or general chat. Be helpful and give quality guidance if you choose to answer a question. If you start your question with @QnA that will tag every resident who is interested in answering questions and may garner a faster response.

#fireplace 🖤

Residents can gather around the fireplace for regular BDSM training discussions based on moderated discussion topics.

#smoking-lounge 🖤

This is for controversial topics that often lead to heated debates, such as anything to do with politics and religion. Be civil. Server rules still apply here. Arguments are ok. Attack ideas, not those presenting them. If you get frustrated, mute the channel and take a break.

residents (voice channel)

A voice room that is only available to Residents.

The Conservatory


For talking about all things movie and leaving recommendations/links to trailers.


For listening to music through the bot as well as play the Music Quiz game.


For playing Cards Against Humanity


A strange Occult cat lives here and can do tarot, runes, astrology, numerology, and more. The butler will also shake a classic Magic Eight ball if you use the command -8ball followed by your Yes or No question.


For controlling the Groovy music bot.


These are primarily media rooms with a few exceptions. None of them are considered social or RP chat.


Residents can make a detailed post sharing any personal information here that they would like. Personal ads are ok. Only 1 post per Resident. You may edit/update/change your introduction any number of times.

#selfies ⏲️

Pictures taken by residents of themselves. All types of selfies are allowed here. If you are not the focus of the image, don’t post it. G rated to X, all genders and orientations.

#our-lives ⏲️

Non-selfie pics taken by Residents. Share your world.


Every server has this channel. Ours is no exception.


Links to written erotica. You can also post your own stories and poems.

We also have a #misc, #bondage and an #s-and-m room for relevant media, both user created and found online.


This is where the gambling happens. The #lobby had details about how to play the games. The #bank is where you go to trade credits with other Residents. The #shop is where you can purchase a wide range of eclectic items that will bestow special non-kink roles upon you that can let you share your hobbies and other interests.

We have 2 blackjack tables, 2 slot machines, a roulette-table, a robot chicken fighting area and a small backroom that smells of blood and gunpowder…

Additionally, the casino has an #employment-office where you can do odd jobs every half hour for extra creds.

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