The Reputation System

Like most social media platforms, there are systems for showing someone you liked what they said or shared. Facebook has the “like” button. Reddit has upvotes. And we give each other “rep” or Respect.

Reasons to give a point:

  • The member said something that you liked
  • The member was very helpful to you or someone else
  • The member posted a selfie that you liked
  • The member contributed some quality content that you appreciated

Reasons NOT to give a point:

  • You have a fantasy that if you give them rep they will want to have sex with you
  • You are being competitive and you want to give them a greater chance of being recognized

Command to give Rep

% @User
!! @User
giverep @User
rep @User
respect @User

Do not repeatedly give someone points for the same specific action.

You may give rep to a person only once per image or cool comment, and only those that were posted in the past 24 hours. DO NOT go back through channel history and rep stuff you did not or were not able to rep when they were posted. This can result in you being restricted from using the rep system.

Don’t be obsessive and only give rep to one person. Spread the love. Abuse of the system will result in your right to participate in it being permanently revoked. The staff can easily monitor logs of rep given by user.

Reputation points will typically be reset at the beginning of the month. The person with the highest reputation will be recognized with their choice of one of three roles:

Mr.Popular, Ms. Popular, or simply Popular.

Each month that title will be passed to another person (you cannot have the popular role for two consecutive months (you can still receive rep and may be eligible for any other contests that are reputation based).

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