Kink Role Definitions

Pretty much any activity can be a kink if it arouses you in some way. However, we’ve selected some of the more popular kinks and allow users to select them so others can see what turns them on. This list gives a quick definition of many of the kinks you can identify with at the House.

Age Play

A form of roleplaying in which an individual acts or treats another as if they were a different age. Ageplay is roleplaying between adults, and involves consent from all parties. Ageplay can be sexual or non-sexual, it all depends on what people agree to within their relationship. Portraying any age can be the goal of ageplay, from babies, to the elderly. Usually this involves someone pretending to be younger than they actually are, but more rarely can involve assuming an older role.


Penetrating or being anally penetrated by toys, fingers, or a penis.


Sex with strangers through various practices such as dogging, gloryholes, cruising public restrooms, or certain swinging situations.


Buying and selling of others as slaves. This is a consensual practice most common in the Gorean Master/slave subculture. Most often this is virtual, but some social groups practice this in real life. The slave consents to the transfer of ownership and serves their new Master accordingly.


Sexual intercourse without a condom.


Attraction to Big Beautiful Women.


Being sexually aroused by facial hair.


Being attracted to Big Hairy Men.


Enjoying biting others and being bitten. This may or may not include breaking of skin.


Any practice that causes bleeding. This can be from cutting, biting, severe impact play and in some cases can include menstruation.


Branding a human is much like branding an animal: a piece of sterilized metal is held in a fire till it’s glowing hot, and then placed quickly onto the skin to leave a permanent scar. It’s a way to represent social and emotional relationships as an inherent part of the physical form. Most common in the Gorean subculture.


Restricting and controlling a person’s ability to breathe. It can range from gentle choking to using a material such as a plastic bag to reduce the oxygen to the brain. This results in a sexual “high”.


Cock and ball torture. Hurting and being hurt. Usually by kicking, hitting and squeezing the male genitalia.


Using a device to prevent sexual intercourse and masturbation that cannot be removed by the person being kept “chaste”. Typically, this device entirely covers the genitalia and is locked with a key.


Consensual-non-consent. This is often called “rape play” and involves one partner overpowering the other, despite being told no and fighting back. CNC play should always have an agreed upon safe word to put an end to the scene if necessary.

Cock worship

A type of objectification where a male’s penis is the soul focus of attention.


Wearing clothes that are typically worn by the opposite gender.


The act of a man inserting his penis into another mans foreskin.


Double-penetration. Being penetrated by two cocks or dildos simultaneously. It can be one in the ass, one in the vagina, or variants such as double vaginal penetration.


Being sexually aroused by apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic fetish fashion and scenarios. Typically heavy into leather, rubber, PVC, gas-masks, etc.(edited)


Aroused by fluids released during orgasm. This covers things such as squirting and bukkake.


Exposing yourself to others, often in risky situations where you would otherwise be covered. This does include being turned on by being watched during sex or masturbation in private or on cam.

Fifties Household

Arousal by the fashion and stereotypical lifestyle of the American 1950s relationship dynamic. The woman is cheerfully subservient to the male, works at home, prepares meals and generally takes care of all the domestic needs of the male. The male is the solitary financial provider and provides the female with the material things she needs and desires.


Also known as pyrophilia, this is a sexual fetish in which a subject derives gratification from fire and fire-starting activity.


Using the entire hand to penetrate the vagina and/or anus.


This type of objectification is a fetish where partners are allowed to fuck any part of their partner at any time.


Non-penetrative sex where the participants use friction to orgasm. “Dry-humping” is one example. It can take on many forms, such as two men rubbing their penises together, or two women “scissoring” or “tribbing”.


An attraction to the type known for being intelligent and confident in their technical skills, but l socially awkward. This can include gamers, anime lovers, marching band members, techies, and other fringe social groups.

Golden Showers

Urinating on others or being urinated on.


Being restrained/restraining. The person restrained typically will be unable to make significant movement. Being wrapped like a mummy or having all your limbs tightly bound by ropes are examples.

Impact, Heavy

Hitting or being hit…hard. Significant bruising and potentially breaking of the skin in some cases like severe caning. You will feel the effects of this for days and days.

Impact, Light

Hitting or being hit…light to moderately. Some bruising. Some whelps. Stingy but not long lasting.


Being caged or caging others. Often seen in M/s and pet play. Some people have a large dog crate set up with pillows and may sleep/nap in their cage.


Also known as “sapiosexual”, it is an attraction to those who are perceived as being “smart”. These people need their mind to be stimulated as well as their bodies.


Sensation play where one person enjoys the feel of the cold blade of a knife pressed against them, and the tip being traced over their skin. Blood and cutting can be combined with this fetish, but not always.


Sexual desire from an intense emotional connection.


Being aroused by the act and state of being married and/or engaged. Can also be an arousal with having intercourse with a person married to someone else.


Arousal by various types of masks. Fetish masks, leather bondage masks, gas masks, etc.


Attraction to self-pleasure or masturbating a partner or being masturbated by a partner.


A type of dehumanization where the individual is viewed as a sexual plaything, or used as some other non-living object such as furniture. The person objectifying another typically doesn’t concern themselves with whether or not the other person is receiving any pleasure, but rather focuses on their own satisfaction. The person who enjoys being objectified often enjoys the disconnect, or simply serving their owner.

Orgasm Denial

Restricted or being restricted from cumming despite intense desire to do so.


This fetish is for people who see themselves as non-human or demi-human, or are attracted to such people. They are sometimes called “otherkin” and see themselves as part dragon, or fox, or cat, or any number of beings.


Deriving pleasure from varying levels of pain.(edited)


Being attracted to jealousy and being possessive of the ones you are with. The possessive fetish does not imply monogamy, as a Poly Master may be possessive of all his slaves.


Animalistic, instinctual, rough and spontaneous. Dominant dynamics are called Primal Hunters, and submissive power dynamics are called Primal prey.


Engaging in sexual activities in a place where there is a risk of being seen. Some common locations are library stacks, wooded parks, etc. This can also include semi-private places such as public toilets or swinger clubs.


Anal stimulation with the tongue.


Being bound or binding others with rope.


Sex without speaking and making no noise. Sometimes called “hold the moan”.


Impact play with various instruments, typically focusing on the ass but can include other areas.


The front of one partner (the big spoon) pressing up against the back of the other partner (the little spoon).


Ingesting ejaculate or having one’s ejaculate ingested.


Needles. Ink. Skin art.


Aroused by the romanticism of vampirism. There are many variations, but it often focuses on tight-knit, small and exclusive clans of people with the same fetish.


Watching someone sexually expose themselves, masturbate or have sex. This fits well with someone who is an exhibitionist.

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