How To Verify

Joining our House as an age verified Resident is a quick and easy process. But before you begin, you need to spend some time chatting with a few of the other members and select some roles that share your dynamics and interests with us. The Guest period is just as much about us getting to know you and it is about you deciding if this is the right place for you.

When you ask to verify, the Porter may look at your message history first to see if you have engaged with the community at all. If not, you will be asked to socialize with us more and then try again later.

But once you’ve done this, and things feel like a good match, getting moved in is a simple three-step procedure.


Have a photo-ID image prepared. This needs to be a government issued ID or passport with all personally identifying information obscured except for the face picture and the date of birth. For example:

The ID photo must reasonably appear to be a real government issued ID. If anything appears suspicious, the Porters may choose to deny your request.

Step Two.

In the #parlor type: @Porter I would like to verify, please.

A staff member will DM you and ask for your prepared photo-ID.

If you do not have an ID ready, do not message the Porters. This can delay your transition from Guest to Resident.

Also keep in mind we have a small, volunteer staff. If no Porter is online, be patient. One will message you as soon as they can.

Step Three.

You will be instructed to take a selfie with a particular pose and send that to the Porter who contacted you. They will compare the images to make sure you appear to be the person in the ID photo. Once your age can be confirmed, then you will be granted Resident status and have full access to all rooms in the House.


Always keep in mind that anyone with the Guest role has not been age verified and may not be the age they claim to be. You are certainly allowed to communicate privately with Guests in any manner you choose, but there is always a risk that they are a minor. Take caution in what you send to them. Sending erotic images to or receiving them from an underage individual is a very serious crime.

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