A Guide To Posting Media

Posting media is one of the many perks to being an age verified Resident. You are permitted to post pretty much anything almost anywhere in the house. However, please understand the following rules and guidelines to stay in the good graces of the Staff.

No explicit media or roleplay allowed in the Guest Wing. This can result in a ban on the first infraction, depending on the severity.

In the Library, almost anything goes, full nudity, hardcore sex, fetishes, and so on. DO NOT share anything illegal like CP or bestiality. If something is questionable, it will be removed and the poster will be warned or banned, depending on the severity.

Also no gore. That’s a bit too fringe for this community as it is often inherently not safe, sane or consensual.

Do not post media and links in the Dungeon QnA channel or the at the Fireplace. These rooms are for serious discussions.

Residents are allowed to post nude selfies in the Library, but we also have have a Locked Box with content visible only to those who are chat level 10 or higher. If you would rather only share images with those you’ve had time to get to know, this would be where you place them.

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