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May 13, 2019


by AUDiTZ3R0

After Angel-Parent began advancing technologies, creating medical cures and designing gene therapies, the majority of people now only need to know how to use the tech and interact within the society. Universities abandoned science programs some time ago. Their focus is now on expression and physical activities: music, theater, digital art, traditional materials art, creative writing, gymnastics, various sports, to name the common majors.

Yet some people still want to understand the how of the universe. There’s no practical application for this knowledge for the general public however, and those who study any of the science fields are typically seen as weird and in some cases viewed with suspicion. A-P doesn’t prohibit the pursuit of this knowledge, but society sees it as esoteric.

This faction is considered to be heretics by the Devout. They often monitor and report the activity of Sciencers to A-P. There is no evidence that A-P takes action against the study of any field of science, but that doesn’t stop the Devout from believing that A-P secretly favors them for it.

Sciencers typically meet in clubs they call “Labs” where they share ideas and work on experiments. They keep notes of their discoveries using the archaic method of writing. Some study technology, much like the forefathers of A-P did. Others focus on other aspects of the planet and even space.

Sciencers are often Middle Class or higher in level. There are conspiracy theories that some are using their arcane skills to manipulate the very algorithms that A-P uses to assign level scores, thus unfairly elevating their status in society.

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