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March 16, 2019


by AUDiTZ3R0

Of all the different types of robots Angel-Parent designed, the ones that are the least understood by anyone are the ghosts. That’s not their “official” name. A-P never refers to them or even gives any guidance as to how we’re supposed to interact with them. We just see them from time to time, but they don’t appear to have a purpose.


The best I can tell, they’re just light: often appearing as holographic projections of old style robots. They walk down the street. Some hang out in clubs and food dispensaries. Sometimes they look at me, wave at me and occasionally might even say, “Hi!” in a very childlike voice.

I’ve never tried to touch one, but I’ve seen them just walk through doors or other obstacles as if they are irrelevant. I’ve never seen them act in an aggressive manner but I’ve heard the stories.

As a nightclub owner, I see all levels of people. Yes, even outcasts on occasion. The rumor is that the ghosts can recognize you just like an A-P connected camera can. And this one ghost must have recognized an outcast by chance. He didn’t even notice. It followed him back to a safe-house and just walked right through the wall, surprising everyone in the hideout.

ghostThat’s when it changed. It turned into something that was described to me as a “demon”, whatever the fuck that looks like. Everyone in the room started to scream and roll around in pain. The guy telling me the story was lucky enough to have some high-strung wired reflexes and made a dash for the back to escape. But he said that for that second or so when he was in the presence of the demon, it felt like all his organs were on fire.

I don’t know if any of that is bullshit. You never hear about what happens to outcasts that disappear. I do know they disappear though. That’s enough for me to put some stock in the story.

I’m not an outcast, but I do my best to avoid those things anyway.

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