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March 10, 2019

The Social Levels

by AUDiTZ3R0

Angel-Parent’s current “utopia” has social levels for every person. These represent the quality of life that A-P will allow for you. It created the social levels as a solution to unrest that developed from its original utopia. There are five categories:

Privileged: You live in luxury. Every whim is catered to by A-P.  You go where you want, you have the best tasting foods, medical drones are always near. You have as many android servants assigned to you as you need. This is the dream others aspire to have.

Upper Class: Your life is good: access to everywhere except the most exclusive events, a large home, delicious food, an android servant. High quality medical service will come when you call. You may receive an elective enhancement each year.

Middle Class: You have a home. It’s not huge, but it’s yours. You can go to standard restaurants, or have basic food items delivered to you. All forms of public entertainment are open to you. You are permitted to travel to a wide range of global destinations once a year for one week. It’s not a bad life. You have access to local medical facilities and may have one elective enhancement procedure of your choice. You do not have a servant.


Lower Class: This is the largest social class. You live in an apartment. Adequate nutritional supplements are available for you to pick up at local distribution centers. This “food” is bland, but you aren’t starving. You have access to emergency medical services only. You are permitted to attend public entertainment once a week, as long as it’s within your regional zone. You are allowed to socialize at citizen run establishments. It’s a life. Not a great one, but you can improve that one day. You’re sure of it.

Outcast: An outcast is one who has been deemed unfit for society, usually due to criminal activity. They have no access to any A-P provided services. Angel-Parent is actively seeking them for removal. They must live in hiding, taking whatever measures necessary to not be found. Most people don’t stay outcasts for long. They disappear. The cunning seek refuge through the support of other outcasts or those willing to help them in exchange for doing their “dirty work”. Some higher level people like to use Outcasts as pawns to do things that would damage their own level score.

The algorithm A-P uses to determine social levels is unknown. Every hacker who has tried to infiltrate the AI’s code has failed. It’s no longer anything like its developers created. The general belief is, follow the rules for your class, do good, and you will be promoted.

Whether or not that’s true is anybody’s guess.

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