An Urban Shaman’s View of Power Animals

Ancient shamanic traditions around the world all speak of connecting with various “power animals”, or spirit guides. But are they really animals? When the brain first experiences spirit beings, it must interpret them based entirely on what it already knows. In pre-industrial cultures, people would be more prone to see beings as animals based on […]

On Being A Modern Shaman

We have two methods of receiving information. The wired senses and the wireless, or what I refer to as the spirit senses. The wired senses are those connected directly to our brain via the nervous system: sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and so on. They relate the properties of the physical world to us. The […]

Solitary vs. Tribal Urban Shamans

Urban shamans have two types of practices: solitary and tribal. The shaman can move between these two types as they are needed. Solitary Practice A solitary urban shaman is one who does not have a tribe or community they actively support. I’m not talking about in general terms such as “my tribe is New York […]

Urban Shamans, Love and Sex

When a shaman has a tribe, their first obligation is to the safety and health of their people. The shaman weaves a loving bond between themselves and the members. Often this involves both emotional and sexual connections. Shamans are typically polyamorous due to the intimate nature of our work. Sex is one of our primary […]

10 Ways Modern Shamans Utilize Sexuality

In the West, sexuality and sexual expression are still often considered “taboo” even within open spiritual groups. Shamanism is a lifestyle that embraces connections: emotional, intellectual, sexual and spiritual. We want to emerge from our self-imposed isolation into a world of unlimited love and expression. In a blog post by John Heckers, we learn about […]

Neo-tribalism: abandoning the mass society

Throughout the history of human evolution, our primary social structure has been tribal. It’s only during the last sliver of our timeline that we’ve moved into the new mass-society structure. But is that truly healthy for us, physically, mentally and spiritually? Research has shown a correlation in the breakdown of our social structure brought on […]

Getting a grip.

“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.” Philip K. Dick, VALIS Reality is the whole of the system in which we exist, both known and unknown. The majority of what most of us think of as “reality” is based entirely upon our sensory perceptions. Science has revealed there is much more […]